Monday, August 10, 2009

Lived in disguise

Melrose Ave, Los Angeles
She's the only decently dressed, besides the Mexican food vendor's good-looking son.

 It's unfathomable how LIVED comes in all directions, even at residential intersections. You collide, only to discover that its cellphone number is (310) 666-7*77. (Coincidence: I'd just reach the same amount of friends in fb, so I adjusted it.) Even though my afternoon ended accidentally, I managed to check out Jet Rag, the Fairfax Flea Market, and Wasteland. Unfortunately, I never got to pick up the FYF flyers. Bummer, I only got $22.75 from Wasteland for the plainest clothes that the worker bought, and now the circumstance is way beyond compensable. I headed straight home, homie. 
  I was thinking about how I'd love to temporarily be a priest, so I could hear people's confessions, and maybe blog about it. I'd also love to be a seller of lost photos at a flea market. So chill.
  Here are some photos I unearthed from the dust pile:
Helter Skelter
The first bromance ever recorded
Kids Bop v. 0
Dozer, Delaware
An incirminating photo of ManVil
The other Hiltons

Please come again!


nycrun said...

nice pix

Rebel Girl said...

Very cool photos :)