Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Twin Laden

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Lincoln Heights, Los Angeles, Calif.
Their parking lot was astonishingly hi-tech.
Over surveillance
Burt Reynolds meets YMCA
Fitty cent, ninedy nine cents.
The band we assumed to be Manicorn. Thank goodness we were wrong.
Eddie has so many cousins, you're bound to spot one wherever you go.

 And yet another coincidence, 'cos right when I stepped foot into the AIrliner, Pablobear's cousin was there. He said something like, "I had a feeling you'd be there." Which is ridiculous, because no one is entitled to be at these kinda shows. Another dude reminded Nup and me of Fab, but when I asked him if he was Manicorn, he continued to carelessly nod his head to the music, ignoring my question. One photographer was as bad a navigator as Columbus, thinking Nupur was Thai and that India & Philippines were geographical neighbors. Querido Vato, "I'll give you my e-mail because it's free." Overall, the show was slow, but I got to mistake another band for Manicorn. So I went home afterwards. A bum at the crosswalk begged and pleaded for money, even just two dollars. I thought to myself, shit two dollars? That is A LOT you're asking for. From there on, I ran to my car because that neighborhood is shady. I thought of something really funny to describe the band aka twin Laden, but I doubt the press will go without censoring me.

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