Friday, July 24, 2009

Surf City Squeeze

Huntington Beach, Calif.
The shoobies walk on the bored walk

Whoever took this was drunk at this time

Three words: Life rolls on...

Rings of fire
Phantom limbs

 The beach isn't my type of environment. However, once I'm there, it's really hard to escape it. The sand traps me, as well as the salty seas and bickering birds. Today's trip unexpectedly synchronized with the U.S. Surf Open 2009, so it made me want to crash the place even more. After finding no luck with the deserted and not-so-free-giveawaying booths, we headed back to start an early fire and roast marshmallows. Before racing to the parking meter, Eddie intrinsically turned into Bethany Hamilton times quadriplegic.

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